This is where I live and breathe voiceovers. THAT Media And Design Studios – my home from home, perfectly positioned between London and Cambridge. It’s got all the techie requirements every good studio should have:

  • Professional, purpose-built voice booth and production suite
  • Voice-perfect, acoustic treatment throughout
  • Neumann microphones
  • TL Audio mic amps & EQ
  • dBx compressor/limiters
  • Adam speakers

    It’s a ‘clean chain’, so you get broadcast, high quality audio from me every, single time. And we can tailor the level of audio processing to suit your requirements; from flat to beefed-up!

Super-fast turnaround of recordings. Same day. Often same hour.

Of course, nowadays we all mostly work remotely – voice sessions tend to be directed over the Zoom/Skype/SourceConnect/ipDTL/cleanfeed etc. But, if you fancy that personal touch, then drop me a line and we’ll arrange to have you here, in person to oversee the whole recording process. We have unlimited tea, coffee and sweet treats. Is that enough to tempt you…?